Friday, Mai 31, 2019

9.00 Opening ceremony - Chairmen: Teléky B., Horváth T., Breberina M.

9.30 Pfeiffer J. (Graz): Coloproctology and civilization diseases.

9.55 Breberina M. (Novi Sad): Recent civilization: more cancer or better diagnosis?

10.15 Vaiciunas E. (Kaunas): Prescribing lifestyle medicine: an evidence-based strategy for NCD´s reversion and treatment.

10.35 Kostiushov E. (S. Peterburk): Endogenous and exogenous principles of pathogenesis.

10.55- 11.15 Coffee break

11.15 Teléky B. (Wien): What to doin complete remission after neo-adjuvant therapy in rectal cancer?

11.35 Horváth T. (Brno): Nonintubated pulmonary surgery.

11.55 Tetiushkova Z., Vasilyev V., Vashezin A. et. al.: Safety and efficacy of autologous fat grafting combined with adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction  injection for treatment of radiation-induced rectovaginal fistulas.

12.15 Chernikovsky I. (Moskva): Intracorporeal anastomoses in laparoscopic colon surgery: techniques, skills and advantages.

12.35 Kührer I. (Wien): Multidisciplinary metastatic CRC cases: treatment sequences

13.00- 13.45 Lunch

Chairmen: Pfeiffer J., Bashankaev B., Groshilin V.

13.45 Bychkov M. (Lviv): Postgradual systém of education in Ucraine.

14.05 Paumann R. (Scheibbs): Interdisciplinary cooperation not only among physicians.

14.25 Horák V. (Kosmonosy): Quo vadis, chirurgia?

14.45 Packová B. (Brno): Celiac disease and its complicaions

15.05 – 15.30 Coffee break

15.30 Šerý M. (Brno): Czech ILCO: structure, activities, social impact

15.55 Nagudov M. (Moskva): Prophylactic oral plus intravenous antibiotics vs. intravenous antibiotics only: randomised controlled study.

16.15 Bashankaev B.: (Moskva): Advanced colorectal oncology in private hospital: pros and cons.

19.00 Hotel Voroněž


19.30 Dinner

Saturday, June 1, 2019

9.30 Round table discussions:  Skřička T, Paumann R., Chernikovsky I., Moskajlev A., Breberina M.

  • Health care system in my country.
  • Preventive screening system in my country.
  • Health care systm in my country.
  • Central register of selected diseases. Is it necessary?